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Charges - Payment Methods

How can I pay for the products I ordered?
You can pay for your order in 4 ways:

  1. By Credit Card (Recommended)
  2. By deposit in a Bank Account of Pineios Brewery
  3. Via the PayPal service
  4. On site of the Brewery

1. Payment by credit card.

We recommend using a Credit Card as a first choice, as long as you have a MasterCard or VISA credit card.

The clearing of credit card transactions in the online store of Pineios Brewery is done by EUROBANK.

You can use it securely to pay for your products. The credit card payment process is completely secure, and is covered by the latest security specifications on its server of Pineios Brewery. The process is extremely simple and fast, and is done in just two steps. Detail:

  • Fill in your card details in the relevant form.
  • In case of success your order is posted, and in case of failure you are informed.

Additional information about using a credit card;

  • What is the CVC/CVV field that I am asked for?

The CVC/CVV field is located on the back of your credit card and is a three-digit number. You are asked for extra security and it protects you even more since it is very difficult for someone to know this field. To enter it, turn around and look at the back of your credit card. It is the three-digit number you will see and is usually located at the top right.

  • What if an error is made during payment (e.g. cut the connection or press Cancel during transport)?

Whatever happens, the transaction has been recorded by us and your money will not be lost (if we get approval for your card and the amount is actually committed). The process is automated, controlled and there is no way money will be lost.

  • Can the credit card be charged in interest-free installments?

For orders over 150€ paid by credit card it is possible to charge the amount in 3 interest-free installments. This option appears in the process of completing the order in the form for entering the credit card information.

2. Payment by bank deposit.

You can deposit the money for your orders with us in one of the accounts of Pineios Brewery. The exact amount including shipping costs will be informed according to your order method.

If you order through the Pineios Brewery Web Site, then the exact amount appears at the end of your charges.

If you order by any other method, you will be informed by our partner who helped you place your order.

We recommend using Web Banking, which is currently available from almost all Banks. Web Banking significantly speeds up the whole process, since money is transferred faster.

In all cases the money that should reach our Account should be EXACTLY the amount indicated at the end of your order CLEAR, without charges or reservations. Especially in the case of Web Banking when you are asked to determine who is in charge of the costs, (sender, recipient or both) you should select “Sender”.

The Accounts of Pineios Brewery are as follows:

  • Piraeus Bank: GR 4801726060005606088452074 (5606-088452-074)
  • Eurobank Bank:GR 2902602170000350202033356 (0026.0217.35.0202033356)
  • ALPHA BANK: GR 6801403000300002002031586 (300002002031586)
  • National Bank:GR 8001107820000078201022619 (78201022619)

ATTENTION: Your order will start to prepare as soon as the money is shown in one of the above accounts so you will have to take into account possible delays due to value, especially if it is transfers between different banks.

3. Payment via PayPal service

The PayPal online service offers a fast, easy and secure way to pay over the Internet without sharing your card information. If you have a PayPal account, you can make the payment of your orders by depositing in the PayPal account of Pineios Brewery. The Pineios Brewery is updated at almost the same time as your payment, and therefore we can immediately start the process of your order.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, you can easily open an account (free of charge) by following the simple and understandable steps described on payPal’s Web Site. All you need is a credit card, or transfer money from a bank account to your PayPal account. Both depositing money through PayPal and creating a new account is 100% inexpensive.

Paypal is not available for wholesale customers

4. Payment on the premises of the Brewery

You can also come to the brewery’s premises, 7th km E.P. Street, Larissa – Sykourio, Larissa, TK 41500, tel. 2410 575710 and pay on the spot, with cash or credit card and combine your order with both the immediate receipt of your products, without any additional charge, as well as with tasting services. In this case you must visit our website in order to be informed about the opening hours.