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Product Returns

1. What should I do if a product arrives broken or damaged?

Pineios Brewery stores all products in places that strictly keep to the storage and maintenance standards of each product.

Despite the constant efforts to ensure that the products we promote to our customers are in excellent condition, there are very few cases in which a product may be altered or the expiration date has passed, without – most of the time – at our own risk. In these cases we accept refunds of the products, without any restriction, if the problem is identified by you and inform us thereof at the latest, seven days after receipt of the product. We ask our customers to inform us about this through the page “Contact” by selecting as a contact topic “About an order” and indicating the exact problem. A competent partner may contact the customer about this, and the customer is informed of the acceptance of the refund by email.

In the indication of the problem please declare if you wish to refund the money to your account or replace the corrupted product. The customer must return the damaged expired product. The refund is made for the customer, and the refund or replacement of the product is made after the receipt by Pineios Brewery of the corrupted product.

2. I ordered some products by mistake. Can I return them after I’ve received them?

We accept the cancellation of an order left for the customer if the order is cancelled before it is shipped. In case of cancellation after an order has been sent and before its delivery, the customer is charged only with the relevant transport costs. This charge also applies in case of cancellation of an order which, for any reason, is sent to the customer free of charge shipping.

We do not accept cancellation or return of an order after receipt by the customer.

3. How will I be reimbursed the money I gave in case of cancellation of my order, or return of products?

Any refund to the customer for any reason is made only by crediting the account of the customer from whom the money was withdrawn, or by crediting his card through which the initial collection was made.

Pineios Brewery will make every effort to ensure that the credit of the customer’s account with the amount to be refunded is made as soon as possible, but due to the bank work taking place, this cannot be achieved before 4 working days have elapsed since the finalization of the amount to be refunded.