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A tasty Pilsner, fresh, unpasteurized beer with a sour taste, botanical and spicy aromas and a slightly bitter aftertaste.

Type: Pilsner
Profile: Blonde and almost clear, with a long lasting white head. Smelling it, we discern earthy and slightly spicy fragrances. Tasting it, the sweetness of malt together with the light taste of cookies blends harmoniously with the distinctive aromas of Czech  hops. Its aftertaste is slightly bitter, spicy and long lasting, just like a classic Czech Pils.
Recommended serving temperature: 4 Degrees
Bottle: 330 ml and 500 ml
ALC: 5.5 % vol
IBU: 29
Food pairing: Salads, white meats (chicken, turkey), fresh cheeses, oily or fried fish / seafood, boiled sausages, slightly spicy foods, fried foods, lemon pie, desserts with strawnerries.

Belgian Ale