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Our Beer

The brewing is made with passion and in the best production conditions, with state-of-the-art technological equipment, with slow, traditional, completely natural process lasting for one month.

Project LOLA

The first Pilsner of Larissa

LoLa Fresh Pilsner

5% vol

A tasty Pilsner, fresh, unpasteurized beer with a sour taste, botanical and spicy aromas and a slightly bitter aftertaste.


The first Belgian Ale of Larissa

LoLa Fresh Belgian Ale

5,5% vol

Bronze color, rich and dense foam, aromas and flavors of bread and cookies, as well as the spicy aftertaste.

The first IPA of Larissa

LoLa Fresh

6% vol

Bronze color, rich and white dense head, aromas and flavors of citrus, bread and caramel with a slightly bitter aftertaste with durability.

The first Porter of Larissa

NEW LoLa Fresh

6% vol

Dark brown colour, rich foam, aromas of roasting and dark chocolate, with the subtle presence of flowers, coffee and roasted malt.

Local Products

The first Lager of Larissa


4.5% vol

Blonde and crystal clear with white head. Sweet aromas of malt and bread combined with the malty sweet taste, reminiscent of honey, as well as the crisp aftertaste, compose and easy drinking, refreshing and thrist quenching lager.

Herbal Ale in collaboration with the organic herbs Corphes

Herbal American Pale Ale

5,3% vol

Flavored with mountain tea and sage. Golden, clear color with white foam of medium duration, herbal character in the taste with distinct notes of malt, medium intensity bitterness and soft aroma of vanilla and honey.

With A.C.Melivia’s


4,7 % vol

Red amber colour, aromas of butter caramel and toasted bread crust. Taste of nuts and caramel with the presence of chestnut. Medium body with a sweet aftertaste that gives away a sense of warmth in combination with the alcohol.


Dunkel Weissbier


5,5% vol

Bronze-brown color, dense creamy foam of long duration, blurred due to the presence of yeast.

Dortmunder Export Lager


5,2% vol

Golden color, medium clarity with white, creamy foam, light aromas of malt and honey in combination with a mild herbal hop character.

New England IPA


6,0% vol

Yellow-golden colour of low clarity with white, thick, creamy, long-lasting foam, aromas of sweet tropical fruit and citrus, full-bodied.

German lager


5,8% vol

Dark copper to brown color with ruby highlights and thick, creamy, brownish foam of long duration.


Anniversary Oktoberfest beer


5,7% vol

Amber-orange color and almost clear with white, firm, thick foam. Aromas of malt, crispy crust of bread with soft roasting notes.


Helles Lager

4,5% vol

Blonde, translucent with white foam, intensely mossy with a dry aftertaste.

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