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Tips to enjoy the taste of beer

By 28 May 2020No Comments

Tips to enjoy the taste of beer!

Tips για να απολαμβάνετε τη γεύση της μπίραςΗ μπίρα που όλοι αγαπάμε είναι ιδιαίτερα απολαυστική όλες τις εποχές και γι αυτό θα πρέπει να γνωρίζουμε κάποιες σημαντικές συμβουλές ώστε να την απολαμβάνουμε στο έπακρο. Παρακάτω θα δείτε κάποια tips ώστε να απολαμβάνετε πάντα τη μπίρα σας.

The beer is particularly enjoyable all season and that is why we should know some important advice to enjoy it to the fullest. Below you will see some tips so that you can always enjoy your beer.

Choose carefully

It is very nice to constantly try new beers and flavors, but we need to know that there are many types of beer and that each species also matches specific foods. For example, if you don’t like spicy foods stay away from spicy beers. You can try a Lola IPA Beer that has bronze with rich white foam and citrus aromas.

Prefer fresh beer

Prefer fresh beers such as Lola Beer. To enjoy the beer also should be frozen.

Enjoy it in a clean glass

The right, clean and dry glass is the perfect “tool” to enjoy your beer.  To understand that the beer glass is clean, look if it leaves bubbles that remain attached to inside of the glass as the beer level descends. If the foam does not cling forming the ring, then the glass is clean.

Enjoy your beer in the right glass

If you consume it in the bottle, then you lose all the aromas it has to offer you. It is advisable for maximum enjoyment to drink in a glass, of course some Breweries, such as The Pineios Brewery sell their own glasses in order to take off the beer experience.

Enjoy your beer from the … Source

You can also enjoy your beer freshly from the Brewery that produces it. At Peinios Brewery you can experience a unique and unforgettable experience. You have the opportunity to smell the aromas and get your hands on the raw materials, learn all about the flavors you will discover in each different category of beer.

You can also tour the brewery’s production areas by the specialized staff and get to know the process of brewing. You can enjoy the 3 refreshing handmade beers of Pinios Brewery, LOLA Pilsner, Lola Belgian Ale, Lola IPA accompanied by local mezes.

Όσο μικρότερη απόσταση έχει να ταξιδέψει η μπίρα μέχρι το ποτήρι σας, τόσο μεγαλύτερη θα είναι η ευκαιρία σας να απολαύσετε την πιο φρέσκια μπίρα της ζωής σας.

Συνδυάστε την σωστά

Κάποιοι συνδυάζουν τη μπίρα με φαγητό, άλλοι με το κατάλληλο πούρο και μερικοί με… Τέχνη. Συνδυάστε τη σωστά με ότι σας ευχαριστεί και έτσι απογειώστε την εμπειρία σας.