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Athens Craft Beer Expo Zappeion-Brewing

By 5 October 2018September 30th, 2019No Comments

Athens Craft Beer Expo Zappeion-Brewing

Athens Craft Beer Expo Ζάππειο - Ζυθογνωσία

So if you like the process of Brewing, brewing and the only world of beer do not need any special recommendations. The event is due to take place on Saturday 13 and Sunday 14 October 2018 at Zappeion Megaron, in the center of Athens.

Our goal is to bring you close to the wonderful flavors of our beer, to invite you to explore the magical world and to deconstrucate the myth that wants its consumption to be done only in the summer. Of all the alcoholic beverages the beer is the most unknown and misunderstood! Come to the Brewing Athens Craft Beer Expo in Zappeion and you will be amazed at the taste of Lola Beer from the Pineios brewery.

Brewing is not only an exhibition for microbreweries but for all the good beers, the beers that travel us tasty and have a lot to tell us.

Are you going to try Lola Beer in Athens?