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The Lola American India Pale Ale (IPA) came to stir up the world of beer.

By 28 November 2019No Comments

The Lola American India Pale Ale (IPA) came to stir up the world of beer.

H Lola American India Pale Ale (IPA) ήρθε για να ξεσηκώσει τον κόσμο της μπύρας.The special IPA beer has become one of the most important types of craft beer in the world. In Greece, they are relatively new compared to other foreign countries.

Usually the most sour flavors are preferred, as from a genetic point of view we have an aversion to the bitter taste which is recorded in our DNA.

According to the geneticists, human taste is an evolved sensation that keeps us alive and safe. Because our brain recognizes the sweet taste as calories it accepts it more easily than bitter which means alarm describing food as poisonous.

Some factors allow us to bypass our genetic preferences, and a typical example is the coffee we all started as sweet, resulting from many being drunk mediocre or even black.

So we would say that it is the case with the beers that cause in the beginning a denial and then it ends up being the specific type of beer and our favorite. Definitely Lola IPA is a new, delicious and special beer that you will never forget.

Don’t hesitate to try the Lola American India Pale ALe (IPA) next time.

Consult a friend who has more experience in craft beer. They have colors that you are not used to seeing in beer, and flavors that will change your view of beer.